Do I need a web server to operate the BuySelladsClone script?

In general, most Linux / Apache / MySQL 5 / PHP 5 (LAMP)

What Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) do you recommend using?

We have our own hosting for only as low as $2.50 per month with FREE installing the script

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Is it easy to translate the files into an other language?

Yes, if you know php and html. We are planning to have this in our admin on our upgraded version

How Do I Change The Percentage I Make?

Currently you can't. It is set at 25% which is the industry standard right now for an advertising network. Additionally it makes everything much simpler when users are buying and selling ads.

Is The Code Open Source?

No, it is not open source, but it isn't encoded. You can edit every page in the script to your liking.

Do I get future updates?

Yes! We are not currently planning any major updates, but if we do update the code, you will receive an email to get access to the new code.

How Many Domains Can I Use This Script On?

1, if you need more than 1 you must buy a second copy.

Can I Auto-Approve New Sites?

No, site's must be manually approved, this is to make sure you are getting real sites with quality content. You can approve or deny any site you would like to in the admin area.

Where can I find the admin demo? “Admin Base”?

The Admin Demo is at http://buyselladsclone.com/demo.html